Metagame Notes

Jhal Kaeraer is the setting for a number of one shot adventures, intended to give a bit of realism to the idea of the dungeon crawl being the most common adventure type. In this land of ruins and abandoned cities, the skills necessary to the dungeon crawl are very helpful. It is recommended, but not required, that every group contain a rogue in their ranks.

Character Creation:

Characters can be of any core race, and any core class. Arguments can be made in favor of prestige classes, but they must fit the setting and adventure. The players can decide if their characters knew one another prior to the adventure, or if they were placed on a team by the Keepers of the Past.

Looking for inspiration? The main pantheon of Jhal Kaeraer, The Seven, were once adventurers themselves and may be a good starting point. Most monks in Jhal Kaeraer are from Llasa, or have been trained by someone from there.

Metagame Notes

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