The Seven

It was a group of adventurers who finally managed to defeat Onnaksh. After they defeated the monster, they ascended to godhood, serving as both the divine benefactors of, and inspiration to, later groups of adventurers. It is in their honor, in fact, that the Keepers of the Past continue to hire parties to explore the ruins of civilization past, in hopes of finding great knowledge.

The Seven consist of:

Athira Delian- Athira was a singer of songs, travelling the world with her music. Although she has the mischievious side common to gnomes, she isn’t unaware of the world’s difficulties. It is simply in her nature to persevere despite them.

Heyechkah- A renowned locksmith (and former pickpocket), Heyechkah is a famous lover of riddles and puzzles. It was often said by his contemporaries that this tiny halfling was impossible to see, unless he wanted you to do so.

Llull- This sturdy, bearded figure is the keeper of the world’s knowledge. In fact, despite coming from a great dwarven crafting clan, Llull was the greatest learned mage of his time, and creator of the great metal and crystal books that helped preserve the knowledge of the world before the Cataclysm.

Razdhen- This great warrior helped to raise half orcs to an accepted status in Jhal Kaeraer. Often referred to as the “Noble Savage”, Razdhen willingly gave his life to cage Onnaksh. He was the first of the Seven to ascend to deity status, and is the patron of those who die glorious deaths, especially in battle.

Rowan Greenleaf- The youngest member of the Seven, Rowan is a half elf who is quite at home in the forest, thanks to her mother, Taiga. Showing an amazing propensity for archery even at her young age, Rowan can pick off a leaf from a tree at an impressive distance.

Taiga Greenleaf- Often mistaken for a nature spirit or nymph, Taiga Greenleaf could pass through nature with no more impact than a light breeze. Always accompanied by her massive tiger companion, Taiga is formidable both in her element, and out of it.

Zirnitra the Golden-The famously beautiful elf Zirnitra was a sight to behold, wielding fantastic magic and surprising strength with equal aplomb. Although she seemed to have a great sadness within her, Zirnitra worked tirelessly to cage Onnaksh, and after ascending to godhood, became patron of those whose arcane magic comes from within.

The Seven

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